How To Find A Mail Order Bride

How To Find A Mail Order Bride

If you are new to the issue of mail-order brides, you should first understand the essence of such services. Those girls are foreign brides who are looking for a husband abroad to create a family and possibly have kids. They have strong intentions and need to find a man with the same aims in life. Internet brides create their profiles on special websites, which offer professional services helping people from different parts of the world meet and get married. There is a common misconception that mail-order wives are immoral or even illegal. The truth is that in the modern world, such services just make the process of the search for your other half easy, fast, and effective. You pay money to get access to the services while the rest of the process resembles plain online dating. Thus, people communicate only if both of them are interested in each other.

How does mail-order bride service work?

Dealing with various mail-order bride sites, it is necessary to know how to work with them step by step. Our agency offers the following principles of work:

  • We have a database with potential mail-order wives, which consists of carefully selected girls. The profiles are verified, contain real information about the girls and real photos.
  • You register on our website and create your profile with description and photos. Think of the features of the girls you think to be the most important and mention them. In addition, define the nationality you prefer or talk to various girls to make a decision.
  • You find the women in accordance with your requirements and start communicating with them.
  • As soon as you find your soulmate, you can start building more serious relations with the help of our services and various means of communication provided.
  • You finally come to a decision to marry. Our agency can provide you with full assistance and the marriage organization.

Real dating vs online dating

Real communication is priceless but it is a common case when men cannot find a suitable woman for serious relations. There are many reasons for such a situation. For instance, many girls are not ready to get married, they don’t want to have kids, they are more oriented to their career. On the other hand, Western men are looking for a wife with the traditional views who is ready to become a wonderful mother and devote herself to the family.

Pros and cons of real dating

Real dating has many benefits. You can feel the chemistry, meet in groups, touch, feel, and even smell your partner. However, there are also negative things concerning real communication. Consider several significant disadvantages:

  • You cannot be sure about the stage and status of your relations.
  • There is a limited number of girls you can meet.
  • You often feel shy and confused, it is more difficult to ask a girl for a date.
  • You cannot be sure someone you like is romantically interested in you.
  • You have to spend lots of money and time to know a woman better.
  • You never know whether your relations will lead to a family.
  • Girls often create problems, get on your nerves, and even cheat on you. There are also problems when it comes to a break-up.

Pros and cons of online dating

The majority of men are tired of time-wasting dates, which lead to nothing. They want to create a family with a nice girl with serious intentions and the right attitude towards the family. Online dating has become a perfect way out. Look at the benefits of online dating:

  • You spend minimum time
  • There is no need to spend money in vain
  • You can enjoy accurate matching, so you won’t find a girl who does not meet your requirements
  • Serious intentions (both of you have the same aims and are ready for the family).

How does our mail-order bride agency can help?

We offer a wide range of services to make your searching and dating experience comfortable. You will be provided with the following options:

  • Comfortable search
  • Accounts verification
  • Chat, calls, email messaging
  • Flower/gifts delivery
  • Documents preparation/translation
  • Professional 24/7 support
  • Assistance throughout the search.

Mail-order bride statistics

International marriages are a common issue for the majority of people. Over 80% of people are very positive about such matches. Consider the statistics:

  • International marriages demonstrate low divorce rate, less than 30%
  • Foreign brides are more interested in Western men compared to the local girls
  • More than 85% of international marriages are successful.

Where do mail-order brides come from?

The women are the residents of countries with developing economies, such as:

  • Russia
  • Vietnam
  • Ukraine
  • Thailand
  • Mexico and others.

Specific wedding traditions

There are interesting traditions in various countries, which you should know before getting married to a foreign bride:

  • The newlyweds in Russia share a wedding sweetbread called “Karavai”. Take the biggest bite to become a leader of the family!
  • In Ukraine, a man proves his worth by paying a ransom for his bride, showering her family with gifts, dancing and singing
  • In Mexico, the minister drapes a lasso made of rosary beads and flowers around the shoulders of the bride and groom in the shape of a figure eight. It symbolizes their union and infinity.

How to buy a bride online?

To look for a wife, you should register on the website. Some of them require fees. Others will provide you with free limited access to the services or a definite amount of free credits. Use them to view profiles and talk to girls. For premium access or additional services, you are to pay to buy credits. Consider the prices for each available option.


Our experts will help you find your only one wherever she is. We’ll make your experience enjoyable and assist through the whole process of online dating.