Why Date And Marry Latin Mail Order Brides: Is It A Really Good Idea?

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Most international couples meet each other on international dating sites (on high-quality ones, of course), and we chose the best platforms with Latin brides for you.

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Every single year, thousands of women from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominicana, and Mexico apply for a K-1 visa. It is also known as a marriage visa, and most of these ladies are Latin mail order brides. But why do they do it? Why do they migrate to get married to an American man and start a family a thousand miles away from home? Why do this many men marry foreign women instead of finding someone in the US? We will answer all these questions in this article.

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Why choose Latin women for marriage?

What is so special about Latin brides? Here are a few things that make them very attractive in the eyes of many western men:

  1. Adherence to more conservative values. Many western men want to find a marriage-minded girl who would believe that family is the most precious thing in life. They often find such a woman in Latin countries.
  2. Inner strength and confidence. Latin women often face difficulties, but they are used to solving their problems and always remain optimistic.
  3. Beauty. The image of Latin ladies in the media is often hypersexualized, but no one can deny that a lot of women there are really naturally beautiful, and they make every effort to follow beauty standards and look as good as possible.
  4. Assimilation into western society. These girls are still impacted by some western trends, which is good because it’s much easier for them to assimilate.

That’s why foreign men look for a wife in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and other countries with gorgeous Latin wives. While most males don’t need much to get involved into the new love story, Latin mail order brides are a different story.

For these females, the start of affair isn’t absolutely physical – they also need emotional context to back up the visual impression. But why do these women look for American men?

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Why do Latin brides seek western men?

Latin girls for marriage may look for foreign husbands for different reasons. Nevertheless, some common factors influence their decision. They are as follows:

  • Bad experience in relationships, in particular, cheating. It is no secret that people in Latin countries are emotional and passionate. These are the good traits, but the truth is cheating is a quite common problem for Latin brides. Those who face betrayals often think that they can find more loyal men abroad.
  • Desire to start a family in a more stable country with a decent man. Yes, a lot of ladies there also believe that migration is their chance to start a new life with a good husband in a more developed society. After all, the wish to have a better life and provide a better future for children is pretty natural.
  • Social pressure. Some women just fail to find a good guy in their country. Society puts a lot of pressure on singles who don’t get married at a certain age, and they believe that their husband may wait for them somewhere else.
  • Focus on the family. A lot of girls there are marriage-minded. They believe that meeting a guy who is motivated to start a family in the near future, too, is a good idea.

As you can see, it’s not “just about money” or a green card. A Latin wife may just want to find a better man in another country.

How much does a Latin mail order wife cost?

That’s a complex question. The thing is the total cost (we mean, the cost of dating services, not the cost of a Latin wife online) depends on a lot of things, in particular, your luck, goals, and preferences. Let us explain.

First, you need to pick a dating website. On a dating platform, you can spend from $20 to $300 per month depending on its billing policy.

Second, you may spend just a few months on the site or it may take a year or more to find a perfect match.

Third, you’ll need to pay for the trips to a Latin country, so the total cost will also depend on the cost of tickets, hotel, dinners at restaurants, gifts, etc.

Generally speaking, you may pay from $3,000-$4,000 to $50,000 if you used to stay in the best hotels and want to see your Latin girlfriend every month during the year before you marry her.


So, should you date or even marry one of the Latin women? If they meet your criteria, why not? Just be careful when choosing an international dating platform, choose a girl carefully and start a real relationship based on similar values and interests.